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[Update: the 2014-15 Melbourne Aces blog is here]

After a century of competitive leagues and a national title that dates back to 1934, why is baseball still not popular in Aust? Advertising spruikers Little Black Book (LLB) think it’s due to the lack of videos like this, developed by ad agency Ogilvy Melbourne, showing Melbourne Aces players performing seemingly impossible feats of skill with baseballs (making a 7-10 at a bowling alley), bat (hitting a hole in one on a golf course) and glove (blindfold catches of speeding hockey balls). And lots of people are lapping it up.

As an LLB spokes-BS-er said, or was quoted as saying, or probably never said but someone just wrote it down and he approved it as sounding like something he’d say (and I’m paraphrasing here, even though it’s a shame to lose a single word):

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Just for Bruce McAvaney: these numbers are special

This article is very entertaining for anyone who’s a fan of both maths and the Simpsons. It covers a variety of exotic maths identities like perfect and narcissistic numbers, Fermat’s last theorem, Mersenne primes.

Inspired by this, on AFL grand final day, what better way for the New Statsman to celebrate? Than by revealing the AFL’s own long-pondered but never revealed exotic numbers: AFL Products and AFL Powers. Continue reading

There’s just no comparison (that Rohan Connolly won’t irrelevantly make)

Factually, you can’t fault Rohan Connolly’s article in this morning’s Age, drawn fastidiously from the genre: “here are the random stats that turned last year’s ordinary team into this year’s amazing team”. His key points, summarised and / or (sometimes ironically) rebutted:

Connolly: “Last season, as injuries cut a swath through the list, Carlton was forced to call on 41 players. This year, it has used 38, and five have played three games or less… Five players have played every game this season. Significantly, all of them have been defenders.”

Statsman: “This season, as injuries cut a swath through the list, Carlton was forced to call on 38 players. Last year, it used 41, but five played two games or less… Three Blues played every game last season. Significantly two of them were gun super-barometer excitement machines Eddie Betts and Jeff Garlett.” Continue reading

How equal is equal? Part Two (hey mate, good game)

In my last post I discussed measures of equality in the AFL. As forecast, I couldn’t just let one analysis be enough.

Below are charts showing the proportions of games decided by 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 points or fewer. In short, this is a measure of how often players get to say “good game” and mean it more than Wiley Wiggins in Dazed and Confused (see from 1 minute mark or so). Continue reading