Duckworth Lewis. Wins.

In an earlier, ahem, somewhat long (but now updated and completed) post I described an experiment to test the Duckworth-Lewis Method against the Best Scoring Overs (BSO) and Best Scoring Sequence (BSEQ) methods, using the domestic one-day competition as a test tube.

Hey – I wasn’t the only one watching the series who was looking for alternative ways to pass the time…

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An unhappy trend

When statisticians talk about a “trend”, they mean that they have a data set of trustable size which will let them predict future data.

When Malcolm Conn writes about a trend, as he does in “Runaway trend an ominous omen for Australia ahead of hosting 2015 World Cup”, he means several cricket matches which happened six years ago, four matches which happened in the last week or so, and nothing that happened in between.

Ominous omen? Sounds… significantly significant.

Or possibly it’s the sort of ominousness that can be treated like this?

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