I used more than three fingers just to type this post

By now, almost everyone on the planet has seen Odell Beckham Junior’s miraculous three-finger catch. For those of you who are reading from off-world – thank you, I take my readers where I can get them, and see the link below; for the rest of you who haven’t, I seriously question your life priorities, but I guess you can click below too:


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One Day in September (or in February, May etc)

September is a beautiful time to be in Melbourne. Spring is slowly emerging, days are getting longer, the sunshine warmer, bees are buzzing – it’s difficult even to walk around the corner without stumbling over a cliché. To give the nice weather just a little more tingle, for AFL fans September means the final series and the glorious march to that One Day in September. sept Continue reading

Should Denver’s Dominique Rogers-Cromartie learn some maths to avoid future injury?

Football players in America’s NFL don’t often inspire confidence in their intellect and self control. Yes, that’s Danny Trevathan dropping the ball to get into his celebration early, without actually crossing the goal-line for the touchdown. Whoops.

no TD

But a game lost from a seemingly unassailable position, and a week on the sidelines with a shoulder injury? When star NFL cornerback Dominique Rogers-Cromartie was staring out the window during maths class, or perhaps idly taking three hours to scratch his full name into his desk, I bet he didn’t think this would be the result.

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