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[Update: the 2014-15 Melbourne Aces blog is here]

After a century of competitive leagues and a national title that dates back to 1934, why is baseball still not popular in Aust? Advertising spruikers Little Black Book (LLB) think it’s due to the lack of videos like this, developed by ad agency Ogilvy Melbourne, showing Melbourne Aces players performing seemingly impossible feats of skill with baseballs (making a 7-10 at a bowling alley), bat (hitting a hole in one on a golf course) and glove (blindfold catches of speeding hockey balls). And lots of people are lapping it up.

As an LLB spokes-BS-er said, or was quoted as saying, or probably never said but someone just wrote it down and he approved it as sounding like something he’d say (and I’m paraphrasing here, even though it’s a shame to lose a single word):

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