Batting averages… with a little adjustment

At the end of the March 23 blog entry, I was promising that there was a better way of measuring batting performances than the traditional batting average, and a better alternative than Malcolm Knox’s. A month of forming a close relationship with Excel has proven that knowing something to be so, and demonstrating it, don’t live in the same suburb. The resultant suggestion is no more complicated than, say, three-dimensional calculus, and it’s fair to say that it’s by no means perfect or uncontroversial… perhaps all it achieves is to show how complex it is to design meaningful metrics. But I did bring pictures. Continue reading

Malcolm Knox’s pretty average use of batting stats


Malcolm Knox has invented his own metric. Oh dear.

Knox starts this piece with a bang: “WARNING: the following contains material that may offend those who don’t eat cricket statistics for breakfast, or those who think Test cricket only started in the 1990s.”

Well, that list of offended parties at least makes a start. Can we add those who may not eat statistics for breakfast or any other meal, but do have a passing understanding of them? Continue reading